We are launching a Pico-Seminar Series!

We will host a pico-seminar series with world-leading experts on the topic. While we are biased towards theorists, we will certainly have many experimental speakers as well.

How does light interact with matter? The problem has attracted interest over a long time but only now do we have the theoretical tools to explore the answer at the pico-scopic atomistic level. The word pico signifies length scales that are atomistic (10^-12). We believe the 2020s will see rapid advances in the field of pico-scale light-matter interaction. We are joined by fellow colleagues Prof. Tongcang Li (Purdue), Prof. Dan Jiao (Purdue), and Prof. Rajib Rahman (UNSW) in this endeavor. Dr. Sathwik Bharadwaj (Purdue) has done all the grounding work to launch our theory network.

The theory network will bring together diverse researchers to explore macroscopic phenomena stemming from microscopic pico-electrodynamic fields inside matter. Active collaborations will bridge the gap between researchers involved in topological electronic band theory, quantum materials, quantum optics, density functional theory, nanophotonics, computational electromagnetics, and computational many-body physics.

If you are interested in joining us for the discussion following the seminars, please contact Dr. Sathwik Bharadwaj. (sdaralag@purdue.edu).