The Picoelectrodynamics Theory Network is working on decoding the interplay of electrodynamic fields deep inside matter at the atomic level. We are addressing the questions that will lead to the discovery of novel topological phases of matter, atomistic anomalous waves, vacuum, and thermal fluctuations, and order parameters in quantum materials, all of which are dictated by atomistic electrodynamic effects. To investigate these phenomena, our group develops a complete spectrum of scientific advancements, from mathematics to numerical analysis, material fabrication, and optics experiments. Currently, ongoing projects are loosely divided into the following categories:

Topological Electrodynamics

Photon Spin Operator

Spin Qubits

Single Photon Driven Quantum Phase Transition

Casimir Physics and Quantum Friction

Dipole-dipole Interactions in Nanophotonics

Radiative Heat Transfer